Couch Games
In a world where we are exposed to a wide variety of television programs and everyone has the right and the ability to express his criticism, it is necessary to understand that those behind the screen worked hard to get there.
Couch Games cynically transmit reference to those situations and put the critical viewer into the various shows on television that are so easy for him to critic and think they are easy to perform.
My Final Project - 'Couch Games' - Casual Mobile Game includes 5 mini game where the player (YOU) performs the actions he critics on television - Qualifying to the World Cup, Clearing the crime off the streets, Making it snow, Zebra hunting on the Nature Channel and making the audience and judges in a cooking  reality show cry.
Win/Lose Clips
Cooking Show Reality
Nature Channel
News - Clearing the crime off the streets
Making it snow
Qualifying to the World Cup
Special thanks
Eric Lerner - Advisor
David Elmaliach - Programmer
Lior Hadad AKA Expoze - Sound