Face Recognition Vs Snake Game
The world is networked with surveillance cameras
now days A person has the need to maintain his privacy.
 Facenake Gives a person the opportunity to examine a selection of abstract shapes that he can place on himself based on  the legendary Snake game.
Now days a person has the need to maintain his privacy from the surveillance cameras that are spotted anywhere. and theres a various  ways such as: make-up, masks, staying at home.

I started looking for an answer from the make-up world, but it means i need to sit in front of the face recognition system (camera) and try a lot of styles.
Then i decided  to get help from technology by using Photoshop for a faster make-up results and examine them on a face recognition site - Betaface (Free Website). i wanted it to be as minimal as possible but always had to export my Photoshop file and enter it to Betaface, a long process that wasn't so effective.
So i ended up getting a new problem - find a fast way to get as many ways of make-up styles.
Snake game. yes, a simple snake game.
while playing one game you can come out with a lot of styles for your face make up. ending up enjoying playing nostalgic game with an advantage of covering your face in a stylish way.

Congrats! it's a match!
25 Seconds of snake game gives you 20 make up options.